Merging childhood familiarity with the many realities imposed, these works blur the barriers between popular fantasy and reality, to invite a wider view of what “is” – celebrating the illusion of life, death and dreams, bringing them together and erasing all boundaries.

It was the NYC streets corners, the barrios, the bodegas, the housing projects, and all the stories and unsung legends that guide this collection. the streets , Saturday morning cartoons and the elements of Hip Hop music that guided this series. Each painting has an individual story to tell, a lesson to be taken .  All these pieces bring color, light and magic to a grim gloomy situation. These paintings are like tombstones for a nostalgic time that has passed.

In a nutshell, these paintings are an exorcism of self in the human condition while soul searching. The battlefield is a canvas for the war waged within all of us, for we are extensions of each other.


Josama is a New York City-based  artist. He studied Painting at Chavon Art School in Dominican Republic. He has exhibited in galleries both nationally and internationally. He has had solo exhibitions at RIO2 GALLERY (NYC 2015), AFERRO GALLERY (NJ 2015), SPIN NYC (NYC 2013), COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS GALLERY (Brooklyn 2012) , 3RDEYE(Sol)ATION GALLERY (Brooklyn 2011)  BLACK INK (NYC 2010), GALLERIA DE CHAVON (Dominican Republic 2009)  to name a few.